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More than three hours of TV a day linked to anti-social behaviour in children

10 April 2013

Children are at increased risk of behaviour problems if they spend three or more hours a day watching television, an analysis of the Millennium Cohort Study reveals.


Children born after infertility treatment more likely to suffer from asthma, study finds

6 December 2012

Babies born after infertility treatment are more likely to have asthma at age five than children conceived naturally, according to findings based on the Millennium Cohort Study.


Persistent poverty damages young children’s cognitive development, study finds

13 June 2012

The corrosive effect of persistent poverty on children’s cognitive development is revealed in a new study published by the Institute of Education, University of London.


More girls than boys at the highest ability levels

16 December 2011

There are more girls than boys in the top 10 per cent of the ability range at age 5, a new Millennium Cohort Study analysis has found


Long-term poverty but not family instability affects children’s cognitive development

21 April 2011

IoE researchers find children from homes that experience persistent poverty are more likely to have their cognitive development affected than their peers in better off homes. However family instability is found to make no additional difference.


New Guidance on nonresponse weight adjustments for researchers using Millennium Cohort Study data

1 October 2010

A new CLS Working Paper is published this week giving guidance on how to adjust for nonresponse in MCS sweep 3.


Northern Ireland childhood disadvantage report uses MCS data

23 June 2010

A recently published report, written by CLS for the Northern Ireland Executive, presents an analysis of child outcomes at age 5 from the Millennium Cohort Study (MCS).


New MCS Briefings published

24 May 2010

Fourteen Briefings, which distil the key findings of the first three surveys of the Millennium Cohort Study, as collected in Children of the 21st century (Volume2): The first five years are now available:


Cohabitation, marriage and child outcomes study uses MCS data

23 April 2010

A new study, published this week by the Institute of Fiscal Studies, concludes that young children’s cognitive or social and emotional development does not appear to be significantly affected by the formal marital status of their parents.


Second Millennium Cohort Study book published

17 February 2010

Children of the 21st century (Volume 2): The first five years, edited by Kirstine Hansen, Heather Joshi and Shirley Dex, was published on Wednesday 17 February by The Policy Press.

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