Next Steps Age 15 Sweep

Sweep details

Dates April 2005 - September 2005
Age 15
Achieved sample 13,539 (cohort members)
Respondents Cohort members, parents
Fieldwork agency BMRB, GFK-NOP and Ipsos-Mori
Survey mode Face to face
Data access

Dataset available via the UK Data Service [SN 5545]. Visit the UK Data Service to access the data.


The survey content focused on educational experiences, attitudes to school and involvement in education, expectations and aspirations, as well as on aspects of cohort members’ lives including risky-, crime- and anti-social behaviours, health and wellbeing.

This was the first follow-up sweep, and the broad intention of the study was to map cohort members’ journeys from compulsory schooling to university, training and, ultimately, entry into the labour market.

Interviews were conducted face-to-face, and parents were interviewed as well as cohort members.

From sweep 2 to sweep 7, only those who participated at the previous sweep were included in the issued sample for the current sweep.

The study was funded and managed by the Department for Education (DfE) at Sweep 2.

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