Data access and training

Researchers in the UK and around the world can access data from our cohort studies free of charge.

The majority of our data is available through the UK Data Service, although there are a few exceptions for certain specialised data.

In this section you can find out how to explore our data, how to access all the different types of data from our studies, what training and support we offer to help you use our data, and what to do if you have an idea for how to enhance our data. You will also find information about how to correctly cite our study data in your work.

Our online bibliography includes published material based on our cohort study data. Please do tell us about any of your work that uses our data (journal articles, books, reports, working papers, conference presentations, etc.) so that we can add it to the bibliography. You can email us at

The bibliography can help you and other researchers find out what work has already been done using our data. It also lets us know how useful the data is to the research community, which can help us to secure funding for the future of our studies.

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