Citing our data

If you are use any of our study data in your analyses, you should clearly cite this. Here’s an example of how to do this:

University of London. UCL Social Research Institute. Centre for Longitudinal Studies, Millennium Cohort Study: First Survey, 2001-2003 [computer file]. 6th Edition. Colchester, Essex: UK Data Archive [distributor], March 2007. SN: 4683.

For more information on the requirements for citation, take a look at the UK Data Service website.

You should also acknowledge CLS in any published work using data from the one of our cohort studies. An example of an appropriate acknowledgement would be:

“I am grateful to the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS), UCL Social Research Institute, for the use of these data and to the UK Data Service for making them available. However, neither CLS nor the UK Data Service bear any responsibility for the analysis or interpretation of these data.”

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