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Social-class gap in test scores persists despite huge investment in pre-school education

14 September 2011

Pre-school education has a positive long-term impact on children’s educational achievement but is not helping pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to catch up with their middle-class peers, a new study has concluded.


Children’s education crucial for social mobility: new ESRC briefing draws on MCS and BCS70 data

20 June 2011

Parents, the family home, and children’s own attitudes and behaviours could all contribute towards reducing educational inequalities, a recent study shows.


One in six UK children being taught in ability streams by age 7, study finds

5 June 2011

The controversial practice of teaching primary pupils in ability ‘streams’ rather than traditional classes is much more prevalent than is generally thought, a new study suggests.


Millennium mothers want university education for their children

15 October 2010

The Millennium generation of UK children may have the most educationally ambitious mothers ever, a new study suggests. No less than 97 per cent of them want their children to go on to university, even though most did not have a higher education themselves, researchers at the Institute of Education, University of London, have found. […]


One in four boys is turned off school by the age of 7

15 October 2010

Almost one in four boys in the UK is already “anti-school” by the age of seven, a major survey has revealed.


Social mobility in England report uses NCDS and BCS70 data

30 April 2010

The Sutton Trust’s latest report into education mobility, an indicator of future social mobility, has found that children’s levels of achievement are more closely linked to their parents’ background in England than in many other developed nations.


Poorer children’s educational attainment

8 April 2010

A report which makes extensive use of CLS data was published at the end of March by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.


Underclass of pre-school children emerging, study says

2 March 2010

A new study by think tank Demos, which draws on data from the Millennium Cohort Study (MCS), blames a lack of spending at pre-school level for educational disengagement in children under four.


Fewer parents gaining ‘first choice’ primary schools than statistics suggest

17 February 2010

Fewer parents are managing to enrol children in their true ‘first choice’ primary schools than is generally thought, says a new study.


Simple tests in babyhood ‘could point to children who need help with learning’

17 February 2010

Screening tests that monitor babies’ motor development could prove crucial in helping to identify children who will need learning support in their pre-school years, says a book published today.


Reading to a child at age 3 pays real dividends two years later

16 February 2010

Parents who read to their child every day at age 3 are more likely to see them flourishing in a wide range of subjects during their first year in primary school, a UK-wide study suggests.


New research dispels myths surrounding single-sex schooling

19 September 2006

A study of people now in their 40s has revealed that those who went to single-sex schools were more likely to study subjects not traditionally associated with their gender than those who went to co-educational schools.

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