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Poor attainment of summer-born pupils limits their options for higher education, study suggests

10 May 2013

August-born pupils achieve worse exam results, on average, than children born in September, simply because they are 11 months younger when they sit national achievement tests, a new study finds. Researchers at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) analysed data from the Millennium Cohort Study, the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, the Labour […]


Ability grouping in primary school may reinforce disadvantage of summer-born children, study finds

8 April 2013

Ability grouping may be intensifying the disadvantages experienced by summer-born children, new research suggests.


Two thirds of adults gain new qualifications, study finds

15 March 2013

Over two thirds of people gain qualifications in adult life – often to enhance their career prospects, new evidence suggests. The study from the Institute of Education, University of London, shows that 71 per cent of people in England, Scotland and Wales achieved at least one qualification between the ages of 23 and 50, and […]


From cradle to career: National Institute Economic Review celebrates cohort studies

2 November 2012

The latest issue of the National Institute Economic Review takes an in-depth look at evidence from the British birth cohort studies, with a special focus on how economic circumstances are transmitted from one generation to the next.


Ethnic minority children read at least as well as white pupils by age 7, study finds

15 October 2012

White children are losing their early lead over ethnic minority youngsters in English language during the first two years of primary school, a UK-wide study has found. By age 7, ethnic minority children read English at least as well as white pupils, say researchers at the Institute of Education, University of London. The best readers, […]


Knowledge of fractions and long division “key to later mathematics success”

16 July 2012

Secondary school pupils’ maths performance could be substantially improved if children gained a better understanding of fractions and long division in primary school, an important international research study that involved the Institute of Education has concluded.


ESRC social mobility briefings draw on evidence from birth cohort studies

21 March 2012

Briefings draw on evidence from cohort studies to show how education, health, parenting and poverty influence social mobility.


Dr Alice Sullivan speaks to BBC about single-sex schools

6 February 2012

Parents’ individual choices to send children to single-sex or co-ed schools may lead to undesirable social outcomes, Dr Alice Sullivan has told the BBC.


More girls than boys at the highest ability levels

16 December 2011

There are more girls than boys in the top 10 per cent of the ability range at age 5, a new Millennium Cohort Study analysis has found


Summer-born children less likely to attend top universities, study finds

1 November 2011

August-born teenagers are 20 per cent less likely to win a place at a top UK university than those born in September, a new study has found.


Social-class gap in test scores persists despite huge investment in pre-school education

14 September 2011

Pre-school education has a positive long-term impact on children’s educational achievement but is not helping pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to catch up with their middle-class peers, a new study has concluded.


Children’s education crucial for social mobility: new ESRC briefing draws on MCS and BCS70 data

20 June 2011

Parents, the family home, and children’s own attitudes and behaviours could all contribute towards reducing educational inequalities, a recent study shows.

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