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‘Tough love’ from parents decreases chances of teenagers binge drinking

20 September 2011

A ‘tough love’ parenting style is the most effective approach to preventing teenagers from binge drinking, a new study claims


Cohort research suggests teenagers who read are more likely to get good jobs

11 April 2011

A new study by Oxford researcher Mark Taylor suggests a strong relationship between reading in your teens and being in a professional or managerial job in your thirties.


Press release: Couch potato kids become – and remain – obese adults

2 May 2006

Statistics confirm that children who watch more than two hours of television a day at the weekend risk becoming obese adults. And despite health warnings, the rate of exercise has not increased among adults who are overweight as the result of inactivity.

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BCS70 Head Teacher Questionnaire Data Now Available

21 September 2005

A questionnaire sent out to Head Teachers in 1986, when BCS70 cohort members were aged 16, has recently been keyed, cleaned, and linked to 4,592 individual cohort members. Now fully documented, the dataset was deposited by CLS at the UK Data Archive, and is now available for download (study number 5225).

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