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12 Mar 2019

Journey to work data in the UK – what data are available?

This webinar is jointly organised by CeLSIUS and the UK Data Service as part of the ESRC-funded data resource’s collaborative webinar series, ESRC data resources: discovering data and how to use it.

Location: Online
26 Jan 2017

Longitudinal data across life: an introduction to cohort data, and its uses in social and health research

Held at the University of Manchester, this workshop gave both first-time and more experienced data users an insight into four of the UK’s internationally-renowned cohort studies run by the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS).

18 Jan 2017

Methods of disclosure control: Best practice within longitudinal studies

The development of new and innovative methods of disclosure control, or the techniques used to safeguard the confidentiality of information, are vitally important to the current and future management of longitudinal data. This workshop aimed to share information and insight into current innovations within the disclosure control field. This workshop was hosted by CLOSER.

25 Nov 2016

Wellbeing over the life course: Learning from the British cohort studies

In partnership with the What Works Centre for Wellbeing, the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS) hosted a one-day workshop exploring the ways in which data sourced from longitudinal birth cohort studies can be used to inform wellbeing research.

22 Nov 2016

Using geographical data in longitudinal studies: Value, challenges & examples

How do the characteristics of our local neighbourhoods effect our socioeconomic chances, health and wellbeing over the course of our lives? This workshop was hosted by CLOSER.

Public lecture
25 Oct 2016

Lunch Hour Lectures: The lifelong benefits of reading for pleasure

Drawing on evidence from the 1970 British Cohort Study, Professor Alice Sullivan explored the positive influence of reading for pleasure on learning during the teenage years and into mid-life.

12 Oct 2016

Webinar: Introduction to the 1970 British Cohort Study

This session introduced the study to both first-time and more experienced data users of the 1970 British Cohort Study. A recording of the webinar is available to view on the event page.

14 Sep 2016

Whatever happened to lifelong learning? And does it matter?

While adult education has a long history in Britain going back to the Workers Education Association of the 19th century, the term ‘lifelong learning’ does not extend much further back than the 1970s. This talk considered the socio-economic and technological changes that lay behind the idea of cradle to grave learning in a global context and the life enhancing benefits to be expected.

11 Jul 2016

NCDS Age 60 Consultation Event

Delegates from the scientific community, government departments, members of the third sector and other stakeholders were invited to give their ideas and discuss scientific priorities for the data collection instruments for the Age 60 Survey of the National Child Development Study (NCDS).

24 May 2016

Webinar: Introduction to the 1958 National Child Development Study

This session introduced the study to both first-time and more experienced data users, focusing on the most recent data from the mixed mode age 55 survey. A recording of the webinar is available to view on the event page.

23 Feb 2016

Reading for Pleasure

This event aimed to share findings into the benefits of reading for pleasure with a non-academic audience such as schoolteachers, parents and children.

17 Nov 2015

Millennium Cohort Study Age 17 Survey: Consultative Conference

An open consultative conference was held at the UCL Institute Of Education. It was open to all interested parties, including representatives of the MCS funders.

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