Wellbeing over the life course: Learning from the British cohort studies

25 Nov 2016

In partnership with the What Works Centre for Wellbeing, the we hosted a one-day workshop exploring the ways in which data sourced from longitudinal birth cohort studies can be used to inform wellbeing research. Presentation slides and handouts from this workshop are available to download below.


About the workshop

Wellbeing research based on longitudinal data is able to provide invaluable insights into how we, as a society, can work together to improve our quality of life.

In addition to discovering what datasets and measures are currently available, delegates found out about the latest research, and gained a first-hand insight into how to use these datasets during a live methods and data demonstration.

Workshop resources

Speaker slides

What makes a successful life? – Nick Powdthavee (London School of Economics)

Effects of childhood bereavement on wellbeing – Alison Penny (National Children’s Bureau)

Correlates of child wellbeing – Praveetha Patalay (CLS and University of Liverpool)

Wellbeing research using the CLS cohorts – Alissa Goodman & Martina Narayanan (CLS)

Workshop handouts

Variable Overview Specific – Domains

Variable Overview General – Wellbeing

Infographic: Children’s mental illness and wellbeing at age 11



Workshop Programme

CLS speaker biographies

Alissa Goodman Professor of Economics, Director of CLS, and Principal Investigator of the National Child Development Study

Phone: 020 7612 6231
Email: alissa.goodman@ucl.ac.uk

Alissa is Director of the Centre for Longitudinal Studies, leading the work of the Centre across all of its scientific and operational teams. Alissa is also Principal Investigator of the 1958 National Child Development Study (NCDS), leading the team responsible for developing its content, design and analysis.

Alissa is an economist whose main research interests relate to inequality, poverty, education policy, and the intergenerational transmission of health and well-being.  In her previous employment, she served as deputy director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Martina Narayanan Research Associate

Phone: 020 7612 6646
Email: m.narayanan@ucl.ac.uk

Martina contributes to several CLS research projects. At the moment, her main responsibilities cover the data preparation, analysis, and dissemination of findings for the “What Works for Wellbeing” and the “Using New Technologies for Qualitative Data” research programmes.

Martina’s general research interests include mental health and wellbeing over the life course, intergenerational associations and longitudinal data analysis.

Praveetha Patalay Lecturer in Population Mental Health and Child Development

Phone: 020 7612 6051
Email: praveetha.patalay.11@ucl.ac.uk

Praveetha’s main areas of interest relate to investigating the development and antecedents of mental health (both ill-health and wellbeing) and their consequences through the lifecourse. She is involved in the Mental Health strand of the Cross-Cohort Research Programme and also contributes to mental health research with the Millennium Cohort Study.

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