Reading for Pleasure

23 Feb 2016

This event was an opportunity to share ideas and innovations with the target audience. It also showcased the work of CLS, both through the presentations, bespoke handout, and range of materials available to the delegates. This informal presentation based on MCS and BCS70 research for the parents and teachers was followed by a facilitated discussion/knowledge sharing by all delegates. We also ran three interactive workshops with children’s authors (Leigh Hodgkinson – Reception & Yr 1, Pamela Butchart – Year 2, 3 & 4 and William Grill – Yr 5 & 6).

About the event

The beneficial effects of reading for pleasure in childhood is of major interest for longitudinal studies, schools, libraries and literacy organisations around the world, however opportunities to share best practice and learning on this issue are few and far between. CLS sought to address this gap by hosting an informal workshop on reading for pleasure.

This event had the aim of disseminating research to a non-academic audience, such as the children, parents, schoolteachers and the like. We discussed some of the research relating to reading for pleasure, and how to promote it within the home.

It was a great opportunity to promote reading for pleasure whilst disseminating campaigns and research findings to a wider audience, build relationships within various communities and increase the school’s profile.

Pamela Butchart was chosen as the preferred author for the event. She ran an hour-long engaging, interactive workshop around reading for pleasure with the children, whilst we ran an informal session for the parents and teachers in another room about CLS’s research around the long-term benefits that reading for pleasure can have. Pamela’s books are renowned for being loved by primary school children across the country, and this event will help to promote reading for pleasure to a wide audience of all ages.

We included findings related to bullying from three of Britain’s internationally-renowned cohort studies: the Millennium Cohort Study, the 1970 British Cohort Studyand the 1958 National Child Development Study.

Please note that this private event was only open to staff members currently working at the school, and the parents of relevant children.


“What a brilliant event, I feel like I have learnt so much and am inspired to read more with my child” – Parent

“I can’t wait to get home and leave out some new books lying around to tempt my child with” – Parent

“This was so great! When are you doing another? I think events like this as so important as reading has to start in the home” – School Librarian

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