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1 Oct 2024

Families and relationships in four British cohort studies: measurement, research and access

This webinar highlights some examples of research on families and relationships using CLS’ unique series of UK national cohort studies.

10 Jul 2024

Generational health drift: perspectives, evidence, and consequences from the British birth cohorts

Less than a week after the general election CLS hosted an event presenting the evidence on generational health drift. The event focused on data from the CLS cohorts, which provide a powerful tool to understand generational changes in health as well as inequalities in health.

3 Jul 2024

Introduction to geo-linking cohort and admin data to social and physical environmental data

This workshop introduces participants to linking small-area level data on the local physical (air quality, greenspace etc) and social (access to services, deprivation) environment to cohort and administrative data.


New data: Next Steps Age 32

This upcoming webinar will accompany the release of Next Steps Age 32 Sweep data in late August.

6 Jun 2024

Handling missing data in the 1970 British Cohort Study

This webinar provides guidance on how to handle missing data in the 1970 British Cohort Study.

22 May 2024

Cross-cohort comparative analysis in the British cohort studies: opportunities and challenges

Comparative research initiatives are increasingly prominent components of health and social sciences, yet they require more specialised methods. This webinar discusses the challenges of cross-study comparative research and possible solutions.

6 Mar 2024

Genetics and epigenetics data in the British cohort studies

This webinar will highlight the genetic and epigenetic data available in our studies, and how to access them.

8 Feb 2024

Examining ageing in the British cohort studies: measurement, research and access

This webinar describes data on ageing and key life-course transitions using CLS cohort studies, and highlights future research opportunities.

15 Nov 2023

Getting started: An introduction to four British cohort studies

This 90-minute session gives first-time users an overview of the 1958, 1970, Next Steps and millennium cohort studies – unique data resources available for researchers across the biomedical and social sciences.

Location: MS Teams
21 Nov 2023

Introduction to longitudinal data: structure and visualisation

An overview of the tools and strategies available to manage and visualise longitudinal cohort studies.

Location: MS Teams
20 Sep 2023

Care in the Cohorts: measurement, research and access

This webinar gives an overview of the data available on care and research opportunities in the four internationally-renowned cohort studies run by the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS).

Location: Online
17 Aug 2023

Mental Health Data Tools: Harmony & TIDAL Workshop

During this half-day in-person event attendees got an introduction to two new digital tools that were designed for researchers working with longitudinal data.

Location: UCL Gordon House
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