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Irregular bedtimes linked to behaviour problems in children, study finds

14 October 2013

Children with irregular bedtimes are more likely to have behaviour problems, according to new research using data from the Millennium Cohort Study.


How can we learn about children’s behavioural problems through their drawings?

20 August 2013

New research published by the Centre for Longitudinal Studies has tested the effectiveness of the latest tool for interpreting what children’s drawings say about their behaviour and emotional state. Miranda Crusco, from the University of Hertfordshire, used the Draw-A-Person: Screening Procedure for Emotional Disturbance (DAP:SPED) method to analyse the drawings of more than 170 seven-year-olds […]


More than three hours of TV a day linked to anti-social behaviour in children

10 April 2013

Children are at increased risk of behaviour problems if they spend three or more hours a day watching television, an analysis of the Millennium Cohort Study reveals.


Lifelong exercise improves brain function, new research suggests

18 March 2013

Exercising from a young age improves cognitive function in later life, according to a new study from King’s College London.


New NSPCC briefing paper draws on MCS data

2 May 2012

The challenges facing first-time parents are examined in a new briefing paper from the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.


More than one in four UK children facing multiple risks to development, study finds

7 February 2012

More than one in four UK youngsters are growing up in families facing multiple challenges such as parental depression and financial hardship that can have a damaging effect on children’s development, new research suggests.


Childhood psychological problems have long-term economic and social impact

29 March 2011

Research based on the National Child Development Study has found that psychological problems during childhood are associated by age 50 with significantly lower income, being less conscientious, having a lower likelihood of being married and having less-stable personal relationships.


Women’s memory better than men’s at age 50

12 March 2010

A study involving more than 9,600 middle-aged men and women in England, Scotland and Wales has found that women outscored men in two verbal memory tests. Participants in the first test listened to 10 common words being read out and were then given two minutes to recall as many as possible. The second test required them to list the same 10 words about five minutes later.

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