2000s: strong roots

We’d entered the social media age with Friends Reunited, followed by the infinitely more successful Facebook. Meanwhile, Apple brought us the iPod, transforming how we listened to music.

We surveyed cohort members three times in this first decade of the new millennium. The information collected has been used to explore a wide range of issues, from women’s pay to social mobility.

2000s stories

50 stories

Age 34 Sweep – Parent and child study

3 December 2020

In the BCS70 Age 34 Sweep, half of cohort members with children aged 16 and under were randomly chosen to take part in a special study.

50 stories

1970 British Cohort Study - Life stories - Emma

26 November 2020

With five decades of invaluable service to British science and society, what has it been like for our 1970 British Cohort Study members to take part in the study? This week we speak to Emma.

50 stories

Important discoveries from the 1970 British Cohort Study - Social mobility

19 November 2020 Celebrating 50 years of the 1970 British Cohort Study – BCS70 has been one of the leading sources of evidence on social mobility, informing a series of impassioned academic debates on this topic.
50 stories

Age 30 Sweep - Cross-cohort comparisons

12 November 2020

The BCS70 Age 30 Sweep was conducted in tandem with the Age 42 Sweep of the 1958 National Child Development Study. Over 90% of the questions asked were common to both surveys, which enabled closer cross-cohort comparisons of the two generations.

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