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Liam Curran

26 May 2023

Liam is responsible for the management of the linked geographical data for all cohort studies. His role also includes data management for the Millennium Cohort Study and assistance with technical development. Liam joined CLS after having completed a BSc and MSc, both in Mathematics, at King’s College London.

Jay Kubler

25 May 2023

Jay has senior responsibility for ensuring effective and coordinated project management across CLS core-funded work. She develops and manages systems to monitor the Centre’s objectives and deliverables and leads on reporting and assurance to the funder and the management and governance bodies. Before joining CLS, Jay was the Centre Manager for the Stone Centre at […]

Nureen Hanisah Mohamad Zaki

8 March 2023

Nureen will be involved in the operational side of the CLS data sharing programme and the technical management of the CLS cohort research data. Nureen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan, where she also worked as a research technician and lab manager. Following her Masters in Bioinformatics […]

Farzana Ali

31 January 2023

Farzana’s duties include research grant and funding administration, financial processing and reporting, procurement, and other matters relating to the financial management of the Centre. Farzana has several years of experience in financial management, pre-and post award management, and human resources administration, working in a number of Higher Education institutions.

Larissa Pople

29 November 2022

Larissa joined CLS in 2022 as a Research Fellow (Survey Manager) working on the Millennium Cohort Study. Larissa has 20 years’ experience working in academic and voluntary sector organisations. In 2022, she completed her PhD at the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex, where she also taught statistics modules in […]

Alison Fang-Wei Wu

9 November 2022

Alison is a research fellow working for Next Steps cohort study. She explores diverse topics, including the employment history, correlates mental ill health and mental health measurement synchronisation. Alison’s research focused on young people’s mental health, social withdrawal behaviours and the experiences of the global pandemic among minoritized ethnic groups. She received her Master’s degree […]

Gemma Shireby

31 October 2022

Gemma is the Genetics Data Manager at CLS and her role includes genetics data management, storage and safe data sharing of the CLS cohorts. She will also be involved in the new CLS genetics research programme working as a bioinformatician. Gemma has come from the University of Exeter where she completed a bioinformatics-based PhD and […]

Silvia Mendonca

31 October 2022

Silvia supports data management for all cohort studies, focusing on data quality and availability. She has previously worked at the University of Cambridge, first as a statistician and then as a data manager. She has experience working with health care data including health administrative datasets, public surveys and electronic primary care records. She has an […]

Zahraa Ahmed

18 October 2022

As CLS Communications and Engagement Officer, Zahraa focuses on keeping our cohort members up to date on study news and developments. This includes sharing with them the latest research findings and examples of impact, so they can see the difference their participation is making. Zahraa previously worked at UCL’s Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose and […]

Naomi Yohendran

2 September 2022

Naomi is the Communications Officer for CLS and the UCL Centre for Education Policy and Equalising Opportunities (CEPEO). Her role involves developing targeted, timely communications across a range of channels, including social media, web, events and print.  

Dr Jake Anders

26 August 2022

Jake’s research focuses on better understanding the causes and consequences of educational inequalities, evaluating policies and programmes aiming to reduce these inequalities, and how best to do this evaluation. In addition to leading the COSMO study, Jake’s other work includes research projects for multiple UK government departments, such as work for the Department for Education […]

Bettina Moltrecht

4 February 2022

Bettina is a research fellow investigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on population health, with a specific focus on mental health, using data from multiple cohort studies and electronic health records. Her wider research focuses on the development and treatment of mental ill-health with a specific focus on emotion regulation and the use of technology […]

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