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Rosie Mansfield

4 September 2020

Rosie Mansfield is a postdoctoral researcher at CLS investigating the association between social isolation, loneliness and wellbeing across the life course and between five successive British birth cohort studies. The project is funded by the ESRC as part of their Secondary Data Analysis Initiative, and is the first large-scale study of social isolation, loneliness and […]

Lucy Feldman

3 April 2020

Lucy joined the Centre for Longitudinal Studies in March 2020. As a member of the Cohort Maintenance Team she is involved in the management of the study contact details databases and provision of data to support the work of CLS. Lucy previously worked as a Data Developer & Reporting Insight analyst at the General Pharmaceutical […]

Felicia Teague

6 March 2020

Felicia leads the Administration team, which is responsible for the financial and project management, strategic planning, governance and reporting and general administration of all research grants held by CLS. Felicia has over 20 years of experience in external grants management covering pre, contract and post award. She had successfully managed the Funding Support Office for […]

Afshin Zilanawala

18 February 2020

Afshin is a family and social demographer. Her research investigates how the social and economic context of families, as well as the race and gender of individuals, lead to inequalities across childhood and adolescence. Currently, her work examines the role of nonstandard work schedules on children’s health and development and parent’s wellbeing in the US […]

Alina Pelikh

20 January 2020

Alina is a demographer working on the European Research Council Grant to study the effects of Medically Assisted Reproduction on children, adults and parents. Her research interests include life course, families and fertility, transition to adulthood, social inequalities, social policy, and residential mobility. Alina previously worked for Understanding Society at the Institute for Economic and […]

Jenny Chanfreau

13 January 2020

Jenny works on an ESRC-funded project that focuses on the characteristics, circumstances and outcomes of ‘only children’ over the life course, involving analysis of four UK birth cohorts. Jenny’s main areas of research interest include gender, family demography and inequalities in paid and unpaid work over the life-course. Jenny holds a PhD from the Department […]

Yvonne Benjamin

10 January 2020

Yvonne is the Information Governance and Data Protection lead for CLS.

Justine Goy

7 January 2020

Justine provides general support for all communication projects, including corporate communications channels and events, and is responsible for driving participant engagement. She has experience in marketing, communications and events in France, the UK and the US, for educational and cultural institutions as well as the publishing sector.

Nuno De Costa Braz

23 September 2019

Claire Tyler

23 September 2019

Nicolas Libuy

23 September 2019

Nicolás is a research fellow working on a broad range of topics focusing on public health, education, labour and socio-economic conditions. His research uses administrative data linked with longitudinal studies to explore causal associations over the life course. Nicolás has over five years’ experience developing national cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. He holds a PhD(c) in […]

Maria Palma

19 September 2019

Maria conducts quantitative analysis using the Millennium Cohort Study to research adults who undergo Medically Assisted Reproduction (MAR) to conceive, and children who are born after MAR.

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