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Claudia Yogeswaran

21 September 2021

Rhiannon Jones

27 August 2021

Rhiannon is a Survey Manager working on the Millennium Cohort Study, which follows the lives of people born at the turn of the new century. She is involved in the design, development and implementation of the study. Rhiannon joined the CLS team with an MSc Psychology degree and experience in social and market research.

Lasana Harris

26 August 2021

Professor Harris works with the Millennium Cohort Study’s Measurement Lab, helping to develop behavioural measures of cognitive and affective phenomena beyond self-report. He also works on refining and condensing existing self-report scales. Professor Harris has over 15 years’ experience in social psychology and neuroscience, and is an expert in behavioural and physiological measurement. He has […]

Liam Wright

27 July 2021

Liam is a post-doctoral researcher using CLS’s genetic data to explore social inequalities in health and changes in inequality through time. He is also involved in work to quality control CLS genetic data, working with colleagues at UCL and the University of Bristol. Liam has over five years’ experience of research in public health, having […]

Louise Pollock

23 July 2021

Louise is seconded on 0.6 FTE, from VP Education and Student Experience Office, where she has worked on various strategic projects over the last 18 months. Throughout her time with CLS, she will work on the Early Life Cohort Feasibility Study (ELC-FS). For the remaining 0.4 FTE, she will continue her work with the Vice […]

Tugba Adali

14 July 2021

Tugba started working at CLS in 2021 as a survey manager in the COVID Social Mobility and Opportunities (COSMO) Project, a new cohort study to investigate how the pandemic affects socio-economic inequalities in life chances. Tugba holds a PhD in demography from the Hacettepe University Institute of Population Studies in Turkey. She worked there as […]

Dorottya Lantos

12 July 2021

Dorottya is a Research Fellow currently working in the Millennium Cohort Study’s Measurement Lab at CLS. Her work primarily focuses on identifying, adapting, and validating psychometric measurements whilst preparing for future data collection waves with the Cohort. Dorottya received her PhD in Psychology from Goldsmiths, University of London and her MSc in Research Methods in […]

Nasir Rajah

29 June 2021

Nasir is a Research Fellow working with Dr Richard Silverwood and Professor Emla Fitzsimons on the analysis of linked administrative and birth cohort study data. Nasir completed his PhD at the University of Leeds, investigating the socioeconomic effects of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms in the British Cohort Study. After this, Nasir was a […]

Charlotte Booth

14 June 2021

Charlotte is a post-doctoral researcher at the Centre for Longitudinal Studies investigating impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on population health and wellbeing. She is currently working as part of the National Core Studies project, which is a multidisciplinary team science approach to understanding Covid-19 effects, using data from multiple cohort studies across the UK. Charlotte […]

Rachel Rosenberg

14 June 2021

Alyce Raybould

9 June 2021

Alyce joined CLS in 2021 and works on the development of the Early Life Cohort Feasibility study. The study aims to test the feasibility of a new UK-wide birth cohort, collecting information on the babies’ development and their families. Prior to joining CLS, Alyce completed her PhD in Demography at the London School of Hygiene […]

Shaadi Shidfar

5 May 2021

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