Research round-up – October to December 2019

10 February 2020

Could taking part in the arts help to build children’s self-esteem? And, how do adverse childhood experiences affect lifetime economic outcomes?

What are the scarring effects of early-adult unemployment? And, do private schools really give students a better chance to succeed?

Researchers from around the world have been using CLS study data to tackle these and other key questions.

This quarter we have added 36 new papers to the CLS Bibliography, a searchable database of research based on the 1958, 1970, Next Steps and millennium cohort studies. The research addresses pertinent questions in the fields of child development, education and social mobility, to health and wellbeing, families, and ageing.

Each month we find and add new research to our bibliography, and each quarter we will be compiling a round-up of recent academic papers using CLS study data. If you have a paper to add to the bibliography, please contact us.

Featured research

LGB teens at greater risk of poor mental health, new study finds

Researchers from the University of Liverpool and UCL Centre for Longitudinal Studies have found that lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) adolescents are five times more likely to be depressed, and almost six times more likely to have self-harmed in the past year, compared to their heterosexual peers. In addition, they are more likely to experience multiple risks together, including mental health problems, unhealthy habits, risky behaviours, bullying and relationship difficulties.

Mental health, social adversity & health-related outcomes in sexual minority adolescents: a contemporary national cohort study by Rebekah Amos, Eric Julian Manalastas, Ross White, Henny Bos and Praveetha Patalay was published in The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health (Millennium Cohort Study)


Child development

The Rise in Single-Mother Families and Children’s Cognitive Development: Evidence From Three British Birth Cohorts by Susan Harkness, Paul Gregg, and Mariña Fernández-Salgado was published in Child Development (National Child Development Study, 1970 British Cohort Study and Millennium Cohort Study)

Associations between mental health competence and indicators of physical health and cognitive development in eleven year olds: findings from the UK Millennium Cohort Study by Steven Hope, Emeline Rougeaux, Jessica Deighton, Catherine Law, and Anna Pearce was published in BMC Public Health (Millennium Cohort Study)

Poverty dynamics and health in late childhood in the UK: evidence from the Millennium Cohort Study by Eric TC Lai, Sophie Wickham, Catherine Law, Margaret Whitehead, Benjamin Barr, and David Taylor-Robinson was published in Archives of Disease in Childhood (Millennium Cohort Study)

How do grandparents influence child health and development? A systematic review by Aalyia F. Sadruddin, Liliana A. Ponguta, Anna L. Zonderman, Kyle S. Wiley, Alyssa Grimshaw, and Catherine Panter-Brick was published in Social Science & Medicine (Millennium Cohort Study)



Private Benefits? External Benefits? Outcomes of Private Schooling in 21st Century Britain by Francis Green, Jake Anders, Morag Henderson and Golo Henseke was published in the Journal of Social Policy (Next Steps)

Education as a mediator of the association between origins and destinations: The role of early skills by Kristian Bernt Karlson and Jesper Fels Birkelund was published in Research in Social Stratification and Mobility (National Child Development Study and 1970 British Cohort Study)

The role of local labour market conditions and pupil attainment on post-compulsory schooling decisions by Elena Meschi, Joanna Swaffield, and Anna Vignoles was published in the International Journal of Manpower (Next Steps)

Private schooling, subject choice, upper secondary attainment and progression to university by Morag Henderson, Jake Anders, Francis Green & Golo Henseke was published in the Oxford Review of Education (Next Steps)



Council house sales, homelessness and contact with the criminal justice system: Evidence from the NCDS and BCS70 birth cohorts by Stephen Farrall, Emily Gray, and Phil Jones was published in Geoforum (National Child Development Study and 1970 British Cohort Study)



Long working hours and change in body weight: analysis of individual-participant data from 19 cohort studies by Marianna Virtanen, Markus Jokela, Tea Lallukka, Linda Magnusson Hanson, Jaana Pentti, Solja T. Nyberg, Lars Alfredsson et al was published in the International Journal of Obesity (National Child Development Study and 1970 British Cohort Study)

Understanding the effect of childhood obesity and overweight on educational outcomes: an interdisciplinary secondary analysis of two UK cohorts by Alexa Blair Segal, Carmen Huerta, and Franco Sassi was published in The Lancet  (National Child Development Study)

The clustering of risk behaviours in adolescence and health consequences in middle age by Mifuyu Akasaki, George B. Ploubidis, Brian Dodgeon, and Chris P. Bonell was published in the Journal of Adolescence (1970 British Cohort Study)

DNA methylation age and physical and cognitive ageing by Jane Maddock, Juan Castillo-Fernandez, Andrew Wong, Rachel Cooper, Marcus Richards, Ken K. Ong, George B. Ploubidis et al was published in The Journals of Gerontology: Series A (National Child Development Study)

Accumulation of affective symptoms and midlife cognitive function: the role of inflammation by Amber John, Jennifer Rusted, Marcus Richards, and Darya Gaysina was published in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity (National Child Development Study)

Obesity and midlife physical functioning in two British birth cohorts: the mediating role of physical inactivity by Snehal Pinto Pereira, Bianca L. De Stavola, Nina T. Rogers, Rebecca Hardy, Rachel Cooper, and Chris Power was published in Innovation in Aging (National Child Development Study)

How youth cognitive and sociodemographic factors relate to the development of overweight and obesity in the UK and the USA: a prospective cross-cohort study of the National Child Development Study and National Longitudinal Study of Youth 1979 by Drew Altschul, Christina Wraw, Catharine R. Gale, and Ian J. Deary was published in the BMJ Open (National Child Development Study)

Parents Allowing Drinking Is Associated With Adolescents’ Heavy Alcohol Use by Jeremy Staff and Jennifer L. Maggs was published in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research (Millennium Cohort Study)

Caesarean section delivery and childhood obesity in a British longitudinal cohort study by Gwinyai Masukume, Ali S. Khashan, Susan MB Morton, Philip N. Baker, Louise C. Kenny, and Fergus P. McCarthy was published in PLOS ONE (Millennium Cohort Study)

Out-of-home care in childhood and biomedical risk factors in middle-age: National birth cohort study by Carlos de Mestral, Steven Bell, Mark Hamer, and George David Batty was published in American Journal of Human Biology (National Child Development Study)

Light drinking during pregnancy: Social advantages explain positive correlates with child and early adolescent adjustment by Anna Barbuscia, Jeremy Staff, George B. Ploubidis, Emla Fitzsimons, and Jennifer Maggs was published in Addictive Behaviors (Millennium Cohort Study)

Social media use and adolescent sleep patterns: cross-sectional findings from the UK millennium cohort study by Holly Scott, Stephany M Biello and Heather Cleland Woods was published in BMJ Open (Millennium Cohort Study)

Mind the gap: The health advantages that accompany parental marriage vary by maternal nativity by Wendy Sigle and Alice Goisis was published in Population Studies (Millennium Cohort Study)


Survey methods 

Collecting biomedical and social data in a longitudinal survey: A comparison of two approaches by Matt Brown, Emily Gilbert, Lisa Calderwood, Kate Taylor, and Hannah Morgan was published in Longitudinal and Life Course Studies (1970 British Cohort Study)


Applied statistical methods 

A longitudinal examination of the measurement equivalence of mental health assessments in two British birth cohorts by George B. Ploubidis, Eoin McElroy, and Hugo Cogo Moreira was published in Longitudinal and Life Course Studies (National Child Development Study and 1970 British Cohort Study)


Mental health and wellbeing 

Longitudinal associations between ability in arts activities, behavioural difficulties and self-esteem: analyses from the 1970 British Cohort Study by Hei Wan Mak and Daisy Fancourt was published in Scientific Reports (1970 British Cohort Study)

Adverse childhood experiences and adult mood problems: evidence from a five-decade prospective birth cohort by Camilla Selous, Michelle Kelly-Irving, Barbara Maughan, Olga Eyre, Frances Rice, and Stephan Collishaw was published in Psychological Medicine (National Child Development Study)

Social Participation and Health Outcomes Among Caregivers and Noncaregivers in Great Britain by Athina Vlachantoni, Zhixin Feng, Ning Wang, and Maria Evandrou was published in the Journal of Applied Gerontology (National Child Development Study)

Identifying key targets for interventions to improve psychological wellbeing: replicable results from four UK cohorts by Jan Stochl, Emma Soneson, A. P. Wagner, G. M. Khandaker, I. Goodyer, and P. B. Jones was published in Psychological Medicine (National Child Development Study)

Emotional difficulties and self-harm among British adolescents with and without disabilities: Cross sectional study by Eric Emerson, Tania King, Gwynnyth Llewellyn, Allison Milner, Zoe Aitken, Joanne Arciuli, and Anne Kavanagh was published in Disability and Health Journal (Millennium Cohort Study)

Longitudinal associations of affective symptoms with mid-life cognitive function: evidence from a British birth cohort by Amber John, Sarah-Naomi James, Urvisha Patel, Jennifer Rusted, Marcus Richards, and Darya Gaysina was published in The British Journal of Psychiatry (National Child Development Study)

Many kinds of poverty: Three dimensions of economic hardship, their combinations, and children’s behavior problems by Anika Schenck-Fontaine and Lidia Panico was published in Demography (Millennium Cohort Study)


Social mobility

The gender gap in wages over the life course: evidence from a British cohort born in 1958 by Heather Joshi, Alex Bryson, David Wilkinson, and Kelly Ward was published in the IZA Discussion Paper (National Child Development Study)



Understanding the mechanisms through which adverse childhood experiences affect lifetime economic outcomes by Stefanie Schurer, Kristian Trajkovski and Tara Hariharan was published in Labour Economics (National Child Development Study)

The causes and consequences of early-adult unemployment: Evidence from cohort data by Andrew E. Clark and Anthony Lepinteur was published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (1970 British Cohort Study)

Factors influencing adult savings and investment: Findings from a nationally representative sample by Adrian Furnham and Helen Cheng was published in Personality and Individual Differences  (National Child Development Study)

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