Research round-up – January to March 2020

1 May 2020

How much does one’s family background influence their midlife wellbeing? And, what effect does technology engagement have on teenage sleep?

What is the psychological impact of having to work part-time when full-time jobs are not available? And, how important is cognitive ability in helping people climb the social ladder?

Researchers from around the world have been using CLS study data to tackle these and other key questions.

This quarter we have added 43 new papers to the CLS Bibliography, a searchable database of research based on the 1958, 1970, Next Steps and millennium cohort studies. The research addresses pertinent questions in the fields of child development, education, social mobility, health and wellbeing, and survey methods.

Each month we find and add new research to our bibliography, and each quarter we will be compiling a round-up of recent academic papers using CLS study data. If you have a paper to add to the bibliography, please contact us.


Featured research

Young parents more likely to suffer ill health in later life

Researchers from the UCL Institute of Education and the University of Essex analysed data on more than 11,700 men and women born across England, Scotland and Wales in a single week in 1958, who are being followed by the National Child Development Study. They examined data from blood tests and health checks taken at age 45, and compared the results for men and women who had become parents at different ages, taking into account other factors that may have influenced their health and when they started having children. Young parents were at greater risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders by middle age, compared to their peers who had their children later.

Fertility History and Biomarkers Using Prospective Data: Evidence From the 1958 National Child Development Study by Maria Sironi, George B. Ploubidis, and Emily M. Grundy was published in the journal Demography (National Child Development Study).


Applied statistical methods

Key Elements of the Research Process During Secondary Analysis of the Millennium Cohort Study: Researching Relationships Between Mothers’ Pre-Pregnancy Body Mass Index and Breastfeeding Behaviors by Tammy Campbell and Nichola Shackleton was published in SAGE Research Methods Cases: Medicine and Health (Millennium Cohort Study – paywall)

Testing Comparability Between Retrospective Life History Data and Prospective Birth Cohort Study Data by Stephen Jivraj, Alissa Goodman, George B Ploubidis and Cesar de Oliveira was published in The Journals of Gerontology (National Child Development Study)

Is it time to stop sweeping data cleaning under the carpet? A novel algorithm for outlier management in growth data by Charlotte S. C. Woolley, Ian G. Handel, B. Mark Bronsvoort, Jeffrey J. Schoenebeck and Dylan N. Clements was published in PLOS ONE (National Child Development Study, 1970 British Cohort Study and Millennium Cohort Study) 


Child development

Inequality in socio-emotional skills: A cross-cohort comparison by Orazio Attanasio, Richard Blundell, Gabriella Conti and Giacomo Mason was published in the Journal of Public Economics (1970 British Cohort Study and Millennium Cohort Study)

A Scoping Review of Socioeconomic Inequalities in Distributions of Birth Outcomes: Through a Conceptual and Methodological Lens by Chantel Ramraj, Ariel Pulver, Patricia O’Campo, Marcelo L. Urquia, Vincent Hildebrand & Arjumand Siddiqi was published in the Maternal and Child Health Journal (National Child Development Study – paywall)


Childhood adversity

Adverse childhood experiences and adult inflammation: Single adversity, cumulative risk and latent class approaches by Rebecca E. Lacey, Snehal M.Pinto Pereira, Leah Li and Andrea Danese was published in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity (National Child Development Study)



Raising Aspirations and Higher Education: Evidence from the United Kingdom’s Widening Participation Policy by Lucia Rizzica was published in the Journal of Labor Economics (Next Steps – paywall)

How is life as a recently qualified teacher? New evidence from a longitudinal cohort study in England by John Jerrim was published in the British Journal of Educational Studies (Next Steps)

Does longer compulsory schooling affect mental health? Evidence from a British reform by Mauricio Avendano, Augustin de Coulon and Vahé Nafilyan was published in the Journal of Public Economics (National Child Development Study – paywall)

Returning to YTS: the long-term impact of youth training scheme participation by John Goodwin, Henrietta O’Connor, Laurence Droy and Steven Holmes was published in the Journal of Youth Studies (1970 British Cohort Study – paywall)

Determinants of private school participation: All about the money? By Jake Anders, Francis Green, Morag Henderson and Golo Henseke was published in the British Educational Research Journal (Millennium Cohort Study – paywall)


Employment, income and wealth

Life course partnership and employment trajectories and parental caregiving at age 55: prospective findings from a British Birth Cohort Study by Anne McMunn, Rebecca Lacey and Elizabeth Webb was published in Longitudinal and Life Course Studies (National Child Development Study – paywall)

The Role of Radical Economic Restructuring in Truancy from School and Engagement in Crime by Stephen Farrall, Emily Gray and Philip Mike Jones was published in the British Journal of Criminology (National Child Development Study and 1970 British Cohort Study)

Underemployment and psychological distress: Propensity score and fixed effects estimates from two large UK samples by Victoria Mousteri, Michael Daly and Liam Delaney was published in Social Science & Medicine (National Child Development Study)


Health behaviour

Nutritional lifestyle patterns and cancer: confounding effect of social determinants across the life course in women from the 1958 British birth cohort study by Marion Carayol, Gaelle Albertus, Romain Fantin, Thierry Lang, Michelle Kelly-Irving, Pascale Grosclaude and Cyrille Delpierre was published in Longitudinal and Life Course Studies (National Child Development Study – paywall)

Does the social context of early alcohol use affect alcohol-related harms in adulthood? Findings from a national birth cohort by James White, Steven Bell and G. David Batty was published in Preventive Medicine (1970 British Cohort Study)

Associations between screen time and short sleep duration among adolescents varies by media type: evidence from a cohort study by Garrett Hisler, Jean M. Twenge and Zlatan Krizan was published in Sleep Medicine (Millennium Cohort Study – paywall)

Teenage sleep and technology engagement across the week by Amy Orben and Andrew K. Przybylski was published in PeerJ (Millennium Cohort Study)

Cycle training and factors associated with cycling among adolescents in England by Ailsa McKay, Anna Goodman, Esthervan Sluijs, Christopher Millett and Anthony A.Lavertya was published in the Journal of Transport & Health (Millennium Cohort Study)

Reading for pleasure in childhood and adolescent healthy behaviours: Longitudinal associations using the Millennium Cohort Study by Hei Wan Mak and Daisy Fancourt was published in Preventive Medicine (Millennium Cohort Study)

On the long-run association between personality traits and road crashes: Findings from the British cohort study by Eduardo Martínez-Gabaldón and Ildefonso Méndez Martínez was published in Personality and Individual Differences (1970 British Cohort Study – paywall)

Electronic and Combustible Cigarette Use in Adolescence: Links With Adjustment, Delinquency, and Other Substance Use by Jeremy Staff, Jennifer L. Maggs, Christopher Seto, Julia Dillavou, Mike Vuolo was published in the Journal of Adolescent Health (Millennium Cohort Study)


Housing and local environment

Changes in the association between social housing tenure and child outcomes across cohorts: comparing the millennium and British cohort studies by Bilal Nasim was published in the Journal of Children and Poverty (1970 British Cohort Study and Millennium Cohort Study – paywall) 

A comprehensive review of mold research literature from 2011 – 2018 by Ming Dooley and Scott W. McMahon was published in Internal Medicine Review (National Child Development Study and 1970 British Cohort Study)


Mental health and wellbeing

Disentangling trait, occasion-specific, and accumulated situational effects of psychological distress in adulthood: evidence from the 1958 and 1970 British birth cohorts by B. S. Scarpato, W. Swardfager, M. Eid, G.B. Ploubidis and H. Cogo-Moreira was published in Psychological Medicine (National Child Development Study and 1970 British Cohort Study – paywall)

Using a cross-cohort comparison design to test the role of maternal smoking in pregnancy in child mental health and learning: evidence from two UK cohorts born four decades apart by Ruth Sellers, Naomi Warne, Frances Rice, Kate Langley, Barbara Maughan, Andrew Pickles, Anita Thapar and Stephan Collishaw was published in the International Journal of Epidemiology (National Child Development Study and Millennium Cohort Study)

Type of disability, gender, and age affect school satisfaction: Findings from the UK Millennium Cohort Study by Joanne Arciuli and Eric Emerson was published in the British Journal of Educational Psychology (Millennium Cohort Study)

Could Greater Physical Activity Reduce Population Prevalence and Socioeconomic Inequalities in Children’s Mental Health Problems? A Policy Simulation by Sungano Chigogora, Anna Pearce, Catherine Law, Russell Viner, Catherine Chittleborough, Lucy J. Griffiths and Steven Hope was published in Epidemiology (Millennium Cohort Study)

Gendered Pathways of Internalizing Problems from Early Childhood to Adolescence and Associated Adolescent Outcomes by Leslie Morrison Gutman and Natasha Codiroli McMaster was published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology (Millennium Cohort Study)

Exploring the role of early-life circumstances, abilities and achievements on well-being at age 50 years: evidence from the 1958 British birth cohort study by Brian Dodgeon, Praveetha Patalay, George B Ploubidis and Richard D Wiggins was published in BMJ Open (National Child Development Study)

Child maltreatment and the risk of antisocial behaviour: A population-based cohort study spanning 50 years by Michelle Degli Esposti, Snehal M. Pinto Pereira, David K. Humphreys, Richard D. Sale and Lucy Bowes was published in Child Abuse & Neglect (National Child Development Study)


Physical health

Sexual orientation identity in relation to unhealthy body mass index: individual participant data meta-analysis of 93 429 individuals from 12 UK health surveys by J Semlyen, T.J. Curtis and J. Varney was published in the Journal of Public Health (1970 British Cohort Study)

Parental and life-course influences on symptomatic airflow obstruction by Lok Sze Katrina Li, Marie T. Williams, Kylie N. Johnston, Peter Frith, Elina Hyppönen, Catherine Paquet was published in ERJ Open Research (National Child Development Study)

Family Income Gradients in Adolescent Obesity, Overweight and Adiposity Persist in Extremely Deprived and Extremely Affluent Neighbourhoods but Not in Middle-Class Neighbourhoods: Evidence from the UK Millennium Cohort Study by Michael Osei Mireku and Alina Rodriguez was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (Millennium Cohort Study)

Determinants of the population health distribution: an illustration examining body mass index by David Bann, Emla Fitzsimons and William Johnson was published in the International Journal of Epidemiology (National Child Development Study)

Socioeconomic risk factors for labour induction in the United Kingdom by Sarah Carter, Amos Channon and Ann Berrington was published in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth (Millennium Cohort Study)


Social mobility

Understanding the mobility chances of children from working-class backgrounds in Britain: How important are cognitive ability and locus of control? by Bastian A. Betthäuser, Mollie Bourne and Erzsébet Bukodi was published in The British Journal of Sociology (1970 British Cohort Study – paywall)

Meritocracy, Elitism and Inequality by Jonathan J.B. Mijs and Mike Savage was published in The Political Quarterly (National Child Development Study)

Personal contacts, employment and social mobility in Britain by Martin Culliney was published in the Journal of Education and Work (1970 British Cohort Study – paywall)

Infant domestic adoption: outcomes at mid-life by Rukmen Sehmi, Alan Rushton, Andrew Pickles, Margaret Grant, Barbara Maughan was published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry (National Child Development Study and 1970 British Cohort Study – paywall)


Survey methods

Are ‘healthy cohorts’ real-world relevant? Comparing the National Child Development Study (NCDS) with the ONS Longitudinal Study (LS) by Gemma Archer, Wei W Xun, Rachel Stuchbury, Owen Nicholas and Nicola Shelton was published in Longitudinal and Life Course Studies (National Child Development Study – paywall)

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