CLS Year 12 Summer Course 2023: Student Projects

This year’s inaugural UCL Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS) summer course gave A-level students from across London a taste of university life and a practical understanding of higher education study in social sciences, psychology, economics and population health.

With talks and activities led by experts in their academic fields, the learners discovered how CLS’s rich longitudinal data is used by researchers to investigate topics such as socioeconomic inequalities, health, mental health and cognition. The academics were able to explain how their work makes a positive difference to people’s lives, highlighting examples of longitudinal research findings which have been used as evidence to support government policies in the realms of education, health and employment.

During a trip to parliament, the students were given a glimpse into the world of politics, where civil servants explained how researchers communicate their findings to government policymakers.

Over the course of seven weeks, the cohort had the opportunity to apply their learning by analysing longitudinal data, distilling complex research findings to create eye-catching infographics, and presenting their work to their academic tutors and peers. They also reflected on their experiences during the course through a series of blogs. Find out more below.

Students’ research infographics

Students’ reflections on the CLS summer course

Summer course 2024

Applications for our 2024 summer course will open in early 2024.

To be eligible to participate, you must be an AS-level student (Year 12) attending a state school in London and have an interest in pursuing higher education.

There are no subject requirements to attend, but the course will be of particular interest to students interested in social sciences including psychology, medical and health sciences, statistics, economics, politics and demography.

You need to be able to attend at least 5 of the 7 sessions, and we strongly encourage you to ensure you can participate in the all-day session culminating in presentations and a trip to parliament.

Click here to view the programme from the 2023 course.

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