Age 21 Sweep

Sub study details

Dates 1992
Age 21
Respondents Cohort members
Response 1,647
Fieldwork agency MORI
Survey mode Face to face
Data access

Dataset available via the UK Data Service [SN 4715]. Visit the UK Data Service website to access the data


This sweep was conducted with a sub-sample of the cohort and comprised four sections: the main interview, a set of literacy and numeracy assessments and two self-completion questionnaires (‘Your Life Since 1986’ and ‘Your Views’).

The interview covered qualifications, training, current employment, unemployment, reading and writing behaviour, literacy and numeracy self-appraisal, household composition, relationships, children, housing, income and health.

The literacy and numeracy assessments comprised a series of 17 tasks using showcards, to assess reading, writing, comprehension and simple mathematical skills.

The ‘Your Life Since 1986’ questionnaire covered employment and education histories since 1986, and ‘Your Views’ gathered information on attitudes to employment, education, literacy, numeracy, self-efficacy, health and opinion of respondent’s life so far.


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