CLS seeks input on the content of wave 3 of COVID-19 survey

17 September 2020

The UCL Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS) is seeking views on the questions to include in the next wave of its COVID-19 survey, due to take place in early 2021.

The upcoming survey is the third in a series of three surveys CLS will have carried out with the participants in its four cohort studies during the pandemic. Participants in the MRC National Survey of Health and Development, based at the MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL, have also been taking part.

Most of the questions that were included in the first (May 2020) and second (September 2020) surveys will be repeated in this third survey. However there may be room for additions which address policy issues arising now as the crisis continues to evolve. CLS is particularly keen to hear suggestions for topics, policy questions, or specific data collection instruments.

CLS received additional ESRC funding for a second survey in September and a third in January 2021.

How to contribute to the consultation on wave 3

If you would like to suggest topics, policy questions, or specific data collection instruments for our January 2021 survey, please email us  by the end of Monday, 21 September, setting out:

a) what is the policy issue that the CLS cohorts can address, and why is this important?
b) what information needs to be collected in January 2021 in order for that question to be addressed?

Find out more about wave 1 and wave 2

Over 18,000 study members, whose lives have been followed since childhood, completed the first COVID-19 survey, providing invaluable insights into the varying ways the crisis has impacted on five groups of people, aged 19, 30, 50, 62 and 74.

Data from this wave are now available to researchers. CLS has a published a series of initial findings based on the wave 1 data.

Data collection for wave 2 is currently underway.

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