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20 January 2009

CLS is pleased to announce that a new dataset, the BCS70 16-Year Arithmetic Test,  has been released to users via the UK Data Archive.

The dataset, known technically as the APU Arithmetic Test, consisted of 60 questions, included in the Student Test Booklet administered in school under teacher supervision.

The data consist of the responses for each of the 60 test items for 3,677 cases, plus an additional 60 derived variables interpreting the answers into ‘wrong’ or ‘right’, together with three additional variables giving details of:

  • total score (number of correct items)
  • total number of incorrect items
  • total number of items attempted

More details are available under BCS70 Current Activities.

The Guide to the 16-year Arithmetic Dataset now appears in the BCS70 1986 section under Guides to the Datasets.

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