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Here are the full references for research featured in the NCDS book, The story of your lives. Where the research is published online, we’ve included links. The page numbers refer to where the research appears in the book.

Pages 10-11
Risk factors in pregnancy:
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The First Report of the British Perinatal Mortality Survey.
E & S Livingstone Ltd

Hidden disabilities:
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a statistical evaluation. British Journal of Social and
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Birth weight and cognitive ability:
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the negative association between low birth weight and
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Sciences of the United States of America
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Smoking in pregnancy:
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smoking in pregnancy, adult adiposity and other risk
factors for cardiovascular disease. Atherosclerosis, 211(2),

Pages 18-19
Education matters:
Pringle, M.K, Butler, N.R and Davie, R. (1966) 11,000 Seven year-
olds: First Report of the National Child Development
Study (1958 Cohort). Longmans

Hay fever and family:
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size. British Medical Journal, 299, 1259-1260

Scars of bullying:
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Health Outcomes of Childhood Bullying Victimization:
Evidence From a Five-Decade Longitudinal British Birth
Cohort. American Journal of Psychiatry, 171(7), 777-784

Childhood inequalities:
Wedge, P and Prosser, H. (1973) Born to Fail? The National
Children’s Bureau reports on striking differences in the
lives of British children

Pages 26-27
Teenage dreams:
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future careers and occupational outcomes. Journal of
Vocational Behavior
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Divorce costs:
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Problem behaviour:
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Moving on up?:
Dearden, L, Machin, S and Reed, H. (1997) Intergenerational
mobility in Britain. Economic Journal, 107(440), 47-66

Pages 34-35
Education benefits:
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Lifelong impact of childhood disadvantage:
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inequalities in a national population sample. Lancet,
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Adult basic skills:
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Evidence from the National Child Development Study
on the impact of poor numeracy on adult life. London:
The Basic Skills Agency

Pages 44-45
Maths and reading matters:
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Childhood Mathematics and Reading Achievement to Adult
Socioeconomic Status. Psychological Science, 24(7), 1301-1308

Vitamin D:
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The shadow of childhood mental health:
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shadow cast by childhood physical and mental problems
on adult life. Proceedings of the National Academy of
Sciences of the United States of America
, 108(15),

Happy retirement?:
Carpentieri, J.D, Goodman, A, Parsons, S, Patalay, P
and Swain, J. (2017) Lifetime poverty and attitudes to
retirement among a cohort born in 1958. Joseph Rowntree
Foundation Report, London: Centre for Longitudinal

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