Webinar: Introduction to Next Steps and the Age 25 Survey

27 Jun 2017

This webinar introduced Next Steps (formerly the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England) to both first-time and more experienced users. It focused on the newly-available data from the age 25 survey. Recordings of this webinar can be found below.


About the webinar

Next Steps is a multi-disciplinary study which began in 2004, when the study members were aged 13-14, and followed the lives of around 16,000 people born in England in 1989-90. This study was originally managed by the Department for Education and was transferred to the Centre for Longitudinal Study (CLS) in 2013 with the support from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

Now that the study participants have turned 25 we are able to see how their educational choices, family resources and experiences in adolescence have influenced their life chances. The age 25 data includes extensive responses and valuable insights into the cohort members’ lives at this pivotal time. Next Steps’ field of enquiry covers such diverse topics as relationship formation; labour market relations; housing; physical and mental health; income and poverty; family environment; and ethnicity.

Watch the webinar

The webinar was organised into four separate sessions which covered the following topics:

Introduction to Next Steps
Lisa Calderwood, Principal Investigator of Next Steps and Senior Survey Manager at CLS led this session which gave an overview of the study.

Survey content
Darina Peycheva, Survey Manager for Next Steps at CLS led this session which detailed the content of the Age 25 Survey.

Data, documentation and accessing the data
Sarab Rihal, Data Officer at CLS led this session which gave an overview of the survey data, documentation and how to access the data.

Sample design and weights
Morag Henderson, Co-Investigator for Next Steps at CLS led this session which covered the survey design and weights.

Speaker biographies

Lisa Calderwood Managing Director of CLS and Co-Director of the Early Life Cohort Feasibility Study

Phone: 020 7911 5510
Email: l.calderwood@ucl.ac.uk

Lisa is a Professor of Survey Research. She has over 20 years’ experience of the design and implementation of complex, large scale longitudinal surveys.

Her research areas include non-response, innovations in participant engagement, new technologies and mixed-modes of data collection, administrative data linkage and integrating bio-measures in social surveys. Lisa has strong national and international networks within the cohort studies community, is a co-ordinator for the cohort network of Society of Lifecourse and Longitudinal Studies and is involved in the European-wide COORDINATE and GUIDE initiatives.

Morag Henderson Professor of Sociology and Principal Investigator of Next Steps

Phone: 020 7911 5566
Email: morag.henderson@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Henderson’s main area of research is inequalities across the life course. More specifically she examines patterns in educational attainment, bullying and wellbeing.

Morag oversees all aspects of CLS’s work on Next Steps, and leads on the strategic and scientific direction of the study.

Darina Peycheva Survey Manager

Phone: 020 7911 5427
Email: d.peycheva@ucl.ac.uk

Darina assists in the various aspects of the development and implementation of Next Steps. This primarily involves fieldwork management and liaison with the fieldwork contractor. She also helps with the administrative records linkage applications for the four CLS cohort studies and liaises with a number of government departments and non-governmental bodies.

Darina’s research interests relate to survey methodology and the aspects of survey process quality, as well as social epidemiology and the life course approach to health.

Sarab Rihal Research Data Manager/Engineer

Phone: 020 7612 6716
Email: s.rihal@ucl.ac.uk

Sarab is responsible for the data management of survey research data within CLS and works mainly on the Next Steps cohort study.

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