Mental health in four British cohort studies: measurement, research and access

12 Jul 2023

This short webinar explores the wide-ranging opportunities for mental health research using British cohort studies.

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This webinar took place on Wednesday 12th July 2023.

About the event

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This webinar highlights some examples of mental health research using these resources, illustrating different research designs and methods which will help you to shape your own research questions. We showcased the value of taking a life course approach and mapping trajectories as well as comparing differences across cohorts, which raises the complex issue of measure harmonisation.

Studies included:

  • 1958 National Child Development Study
  • 1970 British Cohort Study
  • 1989-90 Next Steps, a cohort of young people
  • 2000-2 Millennium Cohort Study

Webinar aims

> Outline mental health measures and data available in the CLS cohorts
> Walk through the process for accessing mental health data in the CLS cohorts
> Illustrate some of the seminal work in mental health using the CLS cohorts
> Highlight the types of mental health research that can be done using longitudinal cohorts

Webinar presenters

> Praveetha Patalay, Professor of Population Health and Wellbeing, CLS and MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing
> Vanessa Moulton, Senior Research Fellow, CLS
> Morag Henderson, Associate Professor in Sociology, CLS

Presenter bios

Praveetha Patalay is Professor of Population Health and Wellbeing at University College London and leads the mental health theme at CLS. Her research interests include the measurement of mental health, development, risk and protective factors of mental health through the life course and drivers of health inequalities, with an interest in examining these across different contexts including across cohorts.

Vanessa Moulton has a PhD in psychology and her work focuses on mental health, cognition and social inequalities throughout the life course. Her work mainly uses secondary data analysis of large-scale longitudinal data sets, with a particular focus on the British cohort studies. She has published on areas including cognitive ability and skills, children’s aspirations, mental health in childhood and across the life course, wealth, social mobility and mental health inequalities.

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