Introduction to the Millennium Cohort Study

18 May 2023

This short webinar gives first-time users and researchers less familiar with the Millennium Cohort Study (MCS) an insight into this unique longitudinal cohort dataset born at the turn of the century. This session gives an overview of the study aims and content, as well as examples of recent research using geographical linked data in the MCS.

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This webinar took place on 18 May 2023.

About the event


This webinar is aimed at new users of the Millennium Cohort Study (MCS), in particular, but not exclusively, researchers who are interested in families and relationships, education and cognition, mental health and well-being, physical health and exercise, and behaviours. It aims to give you a quick overview of the study, illustrate recent work using this fantastic resource and allows you to ask any questions you have about the study.

The MCS follows the lives of around 19,000 young people born across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in 2000-02. Currently, survey data is available from birth to age 17 years, along with three waves of data collected during COVID-19 when they were aged 19/20 years, linked administrative educational, health and geographical data, combined with innovative family genetic data.

The data includes multiple measures of the cohort members’ physical, socio-emotional, cognitive and behavioural development over time, as well as detailed information on their daily life, behaviour and experiences. Alongside this, rich information on economic circumstances, parenting, relationships and family life is available from both resident parents.

Webinar aims

  • Communicate the aims and purpose of the Millennium Cohort Study
  • Highlight the types of, and updates on data available
  • Summarise the data enhancements including time-use diaries, accelerometery data, genetic data and linked administrative data opportunities
  • Showcase examples of new innovative work using geographical linked data to investigate proximity of fast food outlets and weight gain, and cohort members exposure to neighbourhood crime.

Webinar presenters

  • Vanessa Moulton, Senior Researcher, Centre for Longitudinal Studies
  • Emla Fitzsimons, Professor of Economics and Director of the Millennium Cohort Study, Centre for Longitudinal Studies
  • Morag Henderson, Associate Professor in Sociology, Centre for Longitudinal Studies

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