Accessing data not available from the UK Data Service

We make every attempt to make all our cohort study data available via the UK Data Service. However, separate arrangements do exist for certain data.

To access depletable biological samples, or genetic data from our studies, you need to apply to the Managing Ethico-social, Technical and Administrative issues in Data Access Committee (METADAC). For full details of the application process, see the METADAC website.

For access to all other data not available from the UK Data Service, you need to apply to the CLS Data Access Committee. Data in this category includes (but is not restricted to):

  • Survey data: some cohort study survey data have not been deposited at the UK Data Service due to their sensitive nature or because they have not been prepared sufficiently to be archived.
  • Paradata: we hold data about the data collection process from some data collection sweeps. These are collected primarily for administrative purposes and are not routinely released for research use.

If you would like to access data not currently available via the UK Data Service, please get in touch with us in the first instance ( to discuss your request.

If we think your request is feasible, we’ll then ask you to make a formal application. Please download the document below and read carefully the data access guidelines before submitting your completed application form to us (

Please allow plenty of time for us to process your request. We suggest you submit your application at least three months before you plan to start your research.

Download application form and guidelines

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