Survey of mothers who received assisted fertility treatment

Sub study details

Dates May to June 2003
Age N/A
Respondents Mothers
Response 230
Survey mode Postal
Data access

Dataset available via the UK Data Service [SN 5559]. Visit the UK Data Service website to access the data


A postal survey was sent out in May to June 2003 to ask about the type and experience of treatment among those mothers who had undergone successful assisted fertility treatment for the conception of their cohort child.

The design and analysis of the survey was carried out in collaboration with the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit at Oxford University.

It was sent to 460 of the 18,503 MCS mothers, that is, all those who had reported past infertility treatment in the Age 9-Months Sweep. Of these, 230 (50%) responded to the survey.

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