BCS70 Age 50 Sweep

Sweep details

Sweep status In consultation
Dates Scheduled to commence in 2020
Age 50
Respondents Cohort member
Survey mode Face to face

The Age 50 Sweep provides the opportunity to collect a range of information from cohort members to aid the understanding of mid-life outcomes across multiple life domains and their lifetime determinants.

This data collection will build upon the extensive data collected from birth and across the lifetime of study members and will facilitate comparisons with other generations, particularly the 1958 cohort at 50, and the 1946 cohort at 53, allowing for the study of social change.

The data will be of interest to researchers working in a wide range of disciplines, including population health and epidemiology, economics, sociology, demography, psychology and others. It has the potential to inform a wide range of policies including relating to work, health, relationships, and civic participation.

Consultation timetable
Consultation stage Date
Online consultation opens 19 November 2018
Deadline for submissions 23 January 2019
Consultation on first draft April 2019

Contact the consultation team

Matt Brown
BCS70 Survey Manager

Email: matt.brown@ucl.ac.uk

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