Accessing the linked data

Researchers in the UK can access the linked datasets free of charge through the following trusted research environments. You will need to apply for access and your application will need to be approved by our Data Access Committee before you can download the data.

UK Data Service

Most of the linked administrative and geographical data are available through the UK Data Service’s SecureLab. Information about how to apply to access these datasets is available on the UK Data Service website.

SAIL Databank

The most up to date Welsh education and health linked data are available through the SAIL Databank. You can find out more about accessing these datasets on the SAIL Databank website.

UK Longitudinal Linkage Collaboration

Researchers can also apply to access our linked health data through the UK Longitudinal Linkage Collaboration (UK LLC). The UKLLC is a UK government-funded initiative set up to help researchers investigate the effects of COVID-19 and its implications for public health policy. The UK LLC brings together de-identified data from many longitudinal studies in the UK, including the studies we run at CLS, together with linked administrative data, into a single database which is available to approved researchers for approved research projects. Combining the data from these studies together will make the data even more valuable, creating a resource which will further increase the potential for research. Find out more on the UKLLC website.

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