Our expertise

The Centre for Longitudinal Studies’ team includes both research and professional staff.

Research expertise

Our multidisciplinary research group are experts in quantitative social science and epidemiological research using the CLS cohorts and other large-scale datasets.

We have expertise in sociology, economics, psychology, social epidemiology, demography, population health, statistical methods, survey methodology, and mixed-methods research.

We work across a range of areas including education and child development, social mobility, health inequalities, mental health and wellbeing, families and family life, and ageing.

We have an applied statistical methods research programme covering methods for dealing with missing data and attrition, measurement error, and methods for causal inference.

Our survey methods research comprises sampling, the prevention of non-response in longitudinal surveys, surveying special groups (including children), mixed-mode data collection, and the use of new technologies for data collection.

Professional expertise at CLS

Our professional staff are experts in a range of areas including survey management, data management and communications.

CLS survey managers design the surveys and other data collection instruments for the cohort studies, with a view to maximising data quality and participant response.

We regularly collaborate with other survey managers to share best practice, and our survey methodology specialists regularly participate in relevant national and international events.

Our data managers clean and document the data, maintaining a database of data for research, preparing it for deposit at the UK Data Service.

CLS’s cohort maintenance officers maintain the confidential database of participant addresses, and are responsible for sending out mailings to our participants. This team includes experts in the safe governance of confidential and sensitive personal information.

The communications team publicises research findings based on the CLS cohorts through a range of channels, including web, social media and national and international news outlets. They also communicate findings directly to the cohort members.

Our administration staff includes experts in research and financial administration, and use formal project management tools to aid the smooth running of the studies.

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