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Does how you measure income make a difference to measuring poverty?

17 January 2011

A new CLS Working Paper examines the implications different methods of collecting and reporting income may have for measuring poverty, by reference to the Millennium Cohort Study income data.


Locating Mobile Families

2 November 2010

Lisa Calderwood’s new CLS Working Paper looks at how successful we’ve been in locating families who move between successive MCS surveys.


MCS4 User’s Guide to Initial Findings published

16 October 2010

The Millennium Cohort Study, Fourth Survey: A User’s Guide to Initial Findings has now been published (15 October 2010).


CLS appoints fieldwork contractor for MCS5

8 October 2010

Ipsos MORI’s Social Research Institute has been chosen as the fieldwork contractor for the fifth sweep of the Millennium Cohort Study.


MCS3 England and Wales Fieldwork completed

29 November 2006

Fieldwork for MCS3 (Age 5) in England and Wales finished at the end of October 2006. Almost 12,000 families took part – about 9,800 in England and about 2,100 in Wales. Interviewing in Scotland and Northern Ireland is continuing until the end of the year but we hope that in total over 15,000 families will take part.


CLS sets up a new working group for the 2008 fieldwork for NCDS and BCS70

14 September 2006

CLS has set up a new working group to discuss measures of cognition and personality in the next round of NCDS and BCS70 fieldwork


The fourth MCS survey – news from the consultative conference

27 July 2006

A successful consultative conference was held on 24 July 2006 to discuss plans for the MCS4 survey, when the cohort members will be 7 years old.


Have your say about the next round of MCS data collection

18 July 2006

Towards the beginning of 2008, CLS will begin fieldwork on the age 7 survey of members of the Millennium Cohort Study (MCS). We are inviting you join us at a consultative conference in London on Monday 24 July – we want to hear your thoughts on survey content and design!


BCS70 Head Teacher Questionnaire Data Now Available

21 September 2005

A questionnaire sent out to Head Teachers in 1986, when BCS70 cohort members were aged 16, has recently been keyed, cleaned, and linked to 4,592 individual cohort members. Now fully documented, the dataset was deposited by CLS at the UK Data Archive, and is now available for download (study number 5225).


Call for Abstracts: International Conference on Child Cohort Studies

9 May 2005

CLS is organising an international conference in St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, from 12 to 14 September 2006. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 14th October 2005.


New ESRC Resource Centre puts British Birth Cohort Studies on a firm footing

5 April 2005

From October 2004 the new ESRC Resource Centre, based at the Institution of Education, has been able to provide a secure home for three of the British Birth Cohorts.

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