Tender 1602

Thank you for your interest in the Early Life Cohort Feasibility Study. As noted in the tender, these documents have been made available to inform the bidding process.

The draft questionnaire is provided in three parts, divided into Household, Parent/Carer, and Child modules. Please refer to Section 3 and Table 9 in the tender for further detail about the structure of the questionnaires. (n.b. Module and question ordering have not yet been finalised):

1. Household Modules
2. Parent Carer Modules
3. Child Modules

Reports from the engagement and development work carried out by Ipsos Mori and Kantar Public are provided for your reference:

CLS ELC-FS IM Qualitative Work Report
ELCFS Kantar Public Dialogue Report

Please only share these documents as needed for the tender within your organisation, and do not share outside your organisation.

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