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Light drinking in pregnancy does not harm babies, new evidence suggests

17 April 2013

Light drinking during pregnancy does not affect a child’s behavioural or mental development, according to new research using data from the Millennium Cohort Study


Money worries are keeping us from a good night’s sleep

13 April 2013

Many of us lie in bed counting money rather than sheep, it seems. And it is causing us to lose a huge amount of sleep.


CLS tests new methods of collecting DNA samples from children

28 March 2013

New methods of collecting DNA using saliva samples could help enhance cohort datasets with valuable biological information, a new study suggests. Researchers at the Institute of Education‘s Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS) and Ipsos MORI tested the viability of collecting saliva from 11-year-olds and their natural mothers and fathers. They found that most children and […]


Mother’s age, education and ethnicity can predict operative birth, study finds

26 March 2013

Social and demographic factors such as mother’s age, education level and ethnicity can predict the likelihood of having an operative birth, according to new research based on the Millennium Cohort Study (MCS).


Lifelong exercise improves brain function, new research suggests

18 March 2013

Exercising from a young age improves cognitive function in later life, according to a new study from King’s College London.


Work environment linked to one in six cases of adult asthma, study finds

24 January 2013

Conditions in people’s work environments – including exposure to cleaning products – are linked to one in six cases of adult asthma, a new study has found


Key policy areas will be affected by the dynamic and volatile nature of UK identities, report finds

22 January 2013

The rapidly-changing nature of identities in the UK will have an important impact on future policies in crime, environment, health, education and skills, social mobility, social integration, and extremism, according to a new report.


Children born after infertility treatment more likely to suffer from asthma, study finds

6 December 2012

Babies born after infertility treatment are more likely to have asthma at age five than children conceived naturally, according to findings based on the Millennium Cohort Study.


ESRC social mobility briefings draw on evidence from birth cohort studies

21 March 2012

Briefings draw on evidence from cohort studies to show how education, health, parenting and poverty influence social mobility.


British Medical Journal paper challenges widely-held views on premature babies’ health prospects

2 March 2012

Children born just a few weeks early have a slightly higher risk of health problems in early childhood, new research based on the Millennium Cohort Study suggests.


More than one in four UK children facing multiple risks to development, study finds

7 February 2012

More than one in four UK youngsters are growing up in families facing multiple challenges such as parental depression and financial hardship that can have a damaging effect on children’s development, new research suggests.


Girls at greater risk than boys of being overweight at age 7

7 December 2010

Girls are much more likely than boys to be overweight at age 7, a UK-wide study has found.

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