Upcoming training events – provisional dates and locations

31 May 2019

Each year, we organise a number of in-person training workshops and webinars, designed to help researchers use the data from our studies.

Below is our provisional training programme for 2019.

If you’re interested in attending a session listed, or would like to be notified when event details are confirmed (such as dates, locations and registration information), please contact our Communications and Events Assistant, Jennie Blows (j.blows@ucl.ac.uk).

Introduction to our cohort studies
Event type: in-person workshop
Where: Scotland
When: May 2019

1970 British Cohort Study – introduction to the new biomedical sweep at age 46
Event type: webinar
When: June 2019

Next Steps and using linked administrative data
Event type: in-person workshop: Next Steps and using linked administrative data
When: Summer 2019

Millennium Cohort Study – introduction to the new genetic data
Event type: webinar
When: Autumn 2019

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