Upcoming training events

31 Dec 2020

We run a range of  training workshops and webinars, designed to help researchers use the data from our studies. Take a look at the schedule below to find out what’s coming up. Events which have a date and venue can be viewed here.

We haven’t set dates yet for some of the training we have planned this year. If you’re interested in one of these events, and would like us to let you know once details have been confirmed and registration is open, please get in touch. Email our Events Coordinator, Richard Steele, at ioe.clsevents@ucl.ac.uk.

You can also find recordings of previous webinars on our website.

COVID-19 Survey online training session
Event type: online
When: the autumn (TBC) – we completed one session in August.

Handling missing data in the British cohort studies
Event type: in-person workshop or online event
When: TBC
Attendees will learn why principled methods of missing data handling are usually required to obtain unbiased estimates in long-running cohort studies, learn how to undertake such analyses, and gain practical experience of doing so themselves using Stata, with a focus on multiple imputation. The National Child Development Study (NCDS) will be used throughout as a case study. We hope to run this event as webinar later in 2020.

Linked administrative data across the CLS cohorts
Event type: in-person workshop
When: TBC

Millennium Cohort Study – introduction to the new genetic data
Event type: webinar
When: TBC

Please note that workshops are linked to data releases which means that upcoming events are sometimes scheduled later than originally intended.

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