Protected: Maximising the public impact of research based on administrative data linked to UK longitudinal population studies


The aim of this work is to help improve the impact on policy decisions and public services of research based on data from UK longitudinal population studies.

Research details

Project title

Maximising the public impact of research based on administrative data linked to UK longitudinal population studies: A national and international collaboration.

Project leads

Principal Investigator Nicolás Libuy and Co-Investigator Emla Fitzsimons, Centre for Longitudinal Studies.


Applied statistical methods


September 2023 – February 2024


UCL – find out more on the UCL website.




This project is a two-way knowledge exchange collaboration between researchers at the UCL Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS) and national and international non-academic organisations.

These include:

  • Administrative Data Research UK (ADR UK)
  • UK Statistics Authority (UKSA)
  • National Statistics Institute of Chile (INE).


The project’s aims are:

  1. to understand the challenges public organisations face in the UK and Chile when translating academic research into improved policy decisions and efficient public services.
  2. to maximise the global reach of the research conducted by the Centre for Longitudinal Studies on administrative data linked to UK longitudinal population studies and its influence internationally.

The project will use data from the Millennium Cohort Study (MCS) which has been tracking around 19,000 young people since they were born in 2000-02.


The background to the project is Principal Investigator Nicolás Libuy’s ongoing research into the impact of early-life health conditions on educational outcomes using MCS, linked to administrative health and education records.

This research is framed in an even larger international effort to use population studies linked to administrative data to improve policy decisions and transform public services. However, the potential impact of these new data resources to affect policy – and its limitations – are still largely unexplored.

The project will include workshops, meetings and networking activities with national and international public agencies.

A report with results collected from the knowledge exchange activities will be published at a later date.


Nicolás Libuy Senior Research Fellow


Nicolás is a Senior Research Fellow working on a broad range of topics focusing on public health, education, labour and socio-economic conditions. His research uses administrative data linked with longitudinal studies to explore causal associations over the life course.

Nicolás has over five years of experience developing national cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. He holds a PhD in Health Economics from UCL Social Research Institute, MRes in Economics from UCL, and an MSc in Economics from the University of Chile. Previous to joining CLS, he worked on the ECHILD project at UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health.

Emla Fitzsimons Professor of Economics and Director of the Millennium Cohort Study

Phone: 020 7331 5129

Emla is the Director of the UK Millennium Cohort Study, a longitudinal birth cohort study following children born at the turn of the new century. Her research is focused on the development of human capital throughout the life course, and in particular how experiences and circumstances in early life and childhood affect causally the acquisition of skills later on.

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