Social Participation and Identity, 2009-2010

Sub study details

Dates 2009-10
Age 51-52
Respondents Cohort members
Response 220
Survey mode Qualitative interviews
Data access

Dataset available via the UK Data Service [SN 6691]. Visit the UK Data Service website to access the data.


The Social Participation and Identity project combined quantitative longitudinal data with a qualitative investigation of a sub-sample of 220 NCDS cohort members. This was the first attempt to interview members of a national, longitudinal cohort study in depth, with the possibility of linking such biographical narratives to structured survey data collected throughout the life course.  The interviews were organised into six main sections focussing on: 1) Neighbourhood and belonging; 2) Leisure activities and social participation; 3) Personal communities; 4) Life histories; 5) Identity; 6) Reflections on being part of the NCDS.

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