NCDS Age 62 Sweep

Sweep details

Sweep status In the field (recommenced following a pause in light of COVID-19)
Dates January 2020 to March 2023
Age 61-64
Respondents Cohort members
Fieldwork agency NatCen and Kantar Public
Survey mode Video interviews, moving to face to face when guidelines allow

The tenth sweep of the NCDS originally began in January 2020 but was paused in March 2020 due to the pandemic.  We have adapted the way that we are carrying out this sweep and recommenced fieldwork in spring 2021. Data will then be cleaned and documented and will be available for researchers to use from early 2024.

The survey includes:

  • 90 minute interview with cognitive assessments (by video call initially, and moving to face to face when guidelines allow it)
  • Paper self-completion questionnaire
  • 60 minute nurse visit (to take place when guidelines allow it)
  • Life history paper questionnaire
  • Online diet questionnaire

The interview and paper self-completion questionnaire cover the following three broad themes:

Family, relationships and identity: including topics such as social networks, relationships with partners, parents, children, friends, neighbourhood, social capital, social and political participation, attitudes and values, religion, and expectations.

Finances and employment: including topics such as work, income, wealth (savings and debts, pensions, and housing), inheritance (receiving and giving) and other transfers, financial literacy, and education.

Health, wellbeing and cognition: including topics such as physical health, mental health, medical care, medication, smoking, drinking, diet, exercise, and cognitive function.

The nurse visit will include a range of objective measurements of health including height, weight, blood pressure, balance and grip strength.  Blood samples will also be collected.

This sweep is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, Medical Research Council, National Institutes of Health, and Department for Work and Pensions.

A summary of the content of each of the elements is provided below. A more detailed summary of the biomeasures that will be conducted is also provided. This document summarises the protocols which will be followed and gives details about comparability with measurements conducted in other similar studies.

Documents to Download (PDF)

NCDS Age 62 Sweep – Content Summary
NCDS Age 62 Sweep – Biomeasures Summary Brief

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